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Qualified Transmission Repair Specialists

inside Russ’ transmission shop

If you think you are having a transmission problem, please call Russ’ Transmissions right away at 818-727-9500.

When you do, we can ask you the questions that help us quickly assess whether you should be driving your car to our shop, or if a tow truck is needed. 

If a tow is needed, we often will pay for the tow truck service within 10 miles of our Northridge location.  There are certain restrictions, so please call and ask our advisors before you do anything else.

What are our qualifications?

EXPERIENCE!  TRAINING!  We are serious about one thing — transmissions.  We are specialists in automatic and manual transmissions.  In fact, we are so well qualified that auto repair companies from Los Angeles and Ventura Counties bring their vehicles to us for transmission rebuilding and repairs.  We have over 50 years of experience and that translates to excellence.

When you are considering who should perform your automatic transmission repairs, it pays to consider Russ’ Transmissions.  Why?  Because our qualifications as a specialist that has the experience and continues rigorous training allow us to do the job right — quicker, and the first time.

  • Knowledge. Russ’ Transmissions has repaired, serviced, and rebuilt 1000’s of automatic transmissions over 50 years.  We also know manual transmissions and clutches inside and out.  And something more, we are also experts with differentials, 4 wheel drive, transfer cases and axles.  All things connected with the transmission.
  • Experience. Russ’s Transmissions was established in 1969.  We have the experience, the training and the real life know-how to repair your transmission.  Our company has rebuilt 1000’s of transmissions over the years. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide transmission repairs for your vehicle too.
  • Training. Because we have rebuilt and repaired so many transmissions over 5 decades, we are very well qualified.  Our technicians participate in on-going transmission repair training programs to make sure we stay up to date with the latest transmissions and the latest methodology. While many companies may have many years of experience, very few can say they have over 50 years of experience in just one thing — the repairs and rebuilding of transmissions.

Russ’ Transmissions is friendly and helpful

We are much more than expert transmission repair specialists.  We are experts that truly care about you.  We really do treat our customers like family.

  • We take the time to fully explain your options, the problems and the solutions.  We patiently answer questions.  We know our industry and our business very well.  But we know you don’t live in our transmission repair world all the time.  So we feel we must be helpful and friendly so you can fully understand your choices.
  • We don’t talk down to you.  We certainly don’t talk jargon that goes over your head either.  We really want to make sure you see that we are on your side.  We are your partners in solving the problems with your transmission.
  • We look for ways to prevent transmission problems too. Although our business in mainly in rebuilding transmissions, we also are looking to do the right thing by our customers.  So sometimes, you may think you have a serious problem, but we find out it’s not.  We tell you and show you.  We also want to make sure you and all of our family of customers know how important prevention of transmission problems is much better.  So, we give you guidance on keeping your transmission healthy and running optimally too.